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Biotechnology Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Biotechnology Company - Essay ExampleThe company has a goal of view up a plant for large-scale production of the bacteria that can degrade polystyrene. Of course, this goal give be achieved after the company has been registered. The second step will entail convincing investors to have doctrine in the company and its founders. The aim is to commence production on a small scale in order to get the attention of governments and environmental agencies. In future, the organisation expects to expand its services to major states in the United States of America. The aim of the organization is to rid the world of non-biodegradable compounds that comprise the quality of the environment.Therefore, the company has plans to carry with enquiry on additional ways to use chemistry and biological principles to constrict pollution. The research will be carried in collaboration with learning institutions. The partnership with higher learning institutions will give the company opportunity to discove r the best talents. The discovery of new talents is paramount to the continued innovation of new ways to fight pollution. It will revolutionize the world of science by groundbreaking innovations that will change human lifetime on earth for the

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Management of Technology3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

precaution of Technology3 - Essay ExampleIt is worth noting that the two business processes get interlinked by IT.There are some(prenominal) BI systems that an ecesis can put in place. These include analyzing customers behavior, budgeting and financing as well as improving delivery and supply chain effectiveness. These BI systems can help an organization reduce the appeal of production, improve performance and identify new markets within the economy. BI systems require an analysis that will outflank help the organization remain relevant in the market (Laudon & Laudon, 2013). They are, therefore, part of the plan of every organization that aims to excel in its field.An organization may offer an electronic feedback program to its customers as one of their electronic business programs. This program can help the organization identify the area that it ought to improve on in terms of its services (Laudon & Laudon, 2013). The program can also be used to rate the quality of the goods pr oduced by the company. The organization can further use the electronic registration of goods bought by customers for those goods that require registration with the political science upon buying. This can be used instead of buying goods and then going to register them somewhere

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Platos Theory of Knowledge Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Platos Theory of Knowledge - Essay ExampleThe possibility rests in the myth that describes people chained within a cave. The entirely images they see ar the shadows of objects and animals held in bird-scarer of a fire that is behind them that reflects on the cave walls in front of them. That is all they had ever seen so that is what they believe to be real. One day a man escaped the cave and went extraneous. With the sun he saw what was real in the valet de chambre and realized all he ever saw were still when shadows. He went back to the men in the cave and told them all this. He told them that they too could see the outside if they broke free of their chains but they didnt believe him.The environment of the cave to Plato symbolizes the physical world of appearances. Escaping into the sun-filled world means the transition into the real world that is full and perfect. A world where things are not viewed only in a material sense. It is here that the whole of Platos philosophy is summed up. Platos theory of knowledge is devoted to definitions of acquaintance and knowledge. Developing the argument from the lower consciousness to the higher consciousness, in which perception, opinion, reasoning are closely examined.Cornford F.M in his interpretations Platos Theory of Knowledge, the phrase degrees of reality is found in many commentaries to describe the aforementioned hierarchy. Vlastos A Metaphysical Paradox and Degrees of Reality in Plato. Cornford describes this as a distinct order of realities.Platos ethical theory rests on the assumption that virtue is knowledge and can be taught, which has to be understood in term of his theory of Forms. One of his famous arguments is that to know the good is to do the good. Being the world of forms, which is the decent object of knowledge. Of interest to our discussion is his later work that features Socrates and his pupil theaetetus in a dialogue named later the latter.Theaetetus is introduced to us as a valiant an d a hero of the battle of Corinth and of the dialogue. He is a backer of Theodorus, a reputed geometrician, whose specialization is thus indicated to be the propaedeutic to philosophy. Theaetetus is introduced as wounded and also as having some(prenominal) similarities with Socrates, same contrast sharp mind and the unattractive features. Theodorus presents the younger man as courageous, intelligent and selfless. These qualities are seen as dialogue heats up.. Socrates is impressed by these credentials and invites theaetetus in a witty discussion on different issues. After overcoming the initial sense of wonder, he rises to the occasion, and begins to follow the flow of the discussion eventually hes up to(p) to comprehend the consequences of his own answers. The question about the nature of knowledge opens his mind and encourages him to think not only in a mathematical sense which he is used to but also in metaphysical sense. Eventually it dawns on him that there are universal co nceptions of being, uniformness, sameness, number, which the mind contemplates in her.In the dialogues Plato devotes himself to coining definitions of knowledge, conception, science and the like but at the same time tearing down the same definitions in an attempt to lambast in the mind of the student a desperation that will cause critical thinking. In the offset part when asked his opinion

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Geologic hazard project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Geologic hazard project - Essay ExampleEarthquakes are not isolated events as they occur in sequences. Most often, each series is dominated by an event with a larger order of magnitude than all others in the sequence. Smaller earthquakes and after desecrates may follow the main shock, sometimes several hours, months, or even several years later.Earthquakes are inevitable in umpteen parts throughout the world. It can damage the infrastructure. It begins ground shaking, ground displacement, flooding and fire that can cause great damage to the people of the region affected. For example, when an earthquake occurred in the state of Washington, more than a billion dollars worth of buildings got destroyed. Roads and bridges in the region affected became inaccessible, water pressure fail and turgidity lines break and leak leading to fires spread that causes severe damage. Earthquakes cause Water level in the sea to rise suddenly, causing very high waves, several meters in height, whic h then flood the coastal areas. These peradventure give rise to tsunamis, causing damage to coastal areas (Ammon).It is important to have earthquake knowledge and insure about how to minimize its effects. Its preparedness can recoil the number of the casualties, and the value of the properties destroyed. To understand earthquakes allows saving lives and to reduce damages, injuries. It also allows to build buildings more earthquakes resistant and find the locations that are more prone to earthquake.Earthquakes have been enter throughout history for many years. Even before seismographs in early times, there are a record of mysterious ground shaking. It occurs when rocks break along an underground fault. The ground shaking causes vibrations through the earth. The magnitude of the shaking varies on how great the movement along the fault is. When plates shift, they create shockwaves that go through the earth.The shock

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Analytical Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Analytical - shew Examplehen he famously remarked, privacy is dead. This statement was made in response to the remonstration of Facebook users about the decreased privacy features of Facebook (Popkin, 2010). Zuckerberg would later apologize for such comments and would later relent to demands of users on the instauration of protective measures for their privacy. Even with these measures in place however, so much private information are up to now being made available and accessible through the internet (Lipschultz, 2008). Accessing websites often require the entry of email addresses and these email addresses are often sold to advertisers who then send spam to the electronic mails (Angwin, 2010). Many scams besides gain access to these email addresses and send bogus mail which attempt to convince the user to put across up their names, Social Security Numbers, Credit card numbers, bank accounts, birthdays, addresses, phone numbers, and similar personal information. at once this i nformation is gained, credit card phishing and skimming are carried out, often charging thousands into users credit card game and sometimes cleaning out their bank accounts (Angwin, 2010).Despite its numerous merits, the use of the World Wide network as it is commonly known also has its electronegative repercussions. The internet, through the social networking sites and online economic transactions, carries a hatch of information, both private and public (Angwin, 2010). People however are still eager to use it notwithstanding its negative implications in regard to privacy. It has become an indispensable part of their lives (Hoffman, Novak, and Ventakesh, 2004). The World Wide Web is a universal trend and within it carries vital private information about people all everywhere the world. There is no disbelief that the internet has to an immense deal changed the lives of people but what about its negative side on privacy matters? The ever increasing exchange and storage of personal information on the internet seems to have largely been compromised

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Two topics to choose from Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Two topics to choose from - interrogation Paper ExampleHowever, although each of these factors are salient and must be considered, the fact of the matter is that the grad and extent to which media consolidation has taken range within the past several decades is, at least within the mind of this author, the greater threat. Moreover, media consolidation cannot be understood merely through the lens of but a few news organizations representing the news to the citizen rather, it must be understood as but a handful of media moguls controlling any and all information concerning global and/or regional politics. Such a station is necessarily dangerous and diminishes the degree and extent to which the citizen is able to make an informed decision concerning the events that are pickings place in the world around them. Further, it is the belief of this author that the narrowing of the media and the consolidation that has taken place within this past several decades has created situation by w hich but a few media conglomerates control upward of 85% of newsprint and television media within the nation. When wholeness considers the case of radio, the percentage is somewhat smaller however, huge media firms such as Clear Channel are not far behind this troubling figure. beyond merely creating a situation in which corporate interests are directly translated to the witnesser by unchewable companies, this narrowing and consolidation of the media also presents a situation by which the politics could potentially find it quite an easy to influence upon the way that a particular story and/or stories are related to the viewer/listener/reader (Stoll, 2006). Due to the fact that powerful corporations operate in close cooperation with the government (seeking to supplement tax breaks, contracts, and further competitiveness), the ease by which the government could offer a particular benefit to one of these firms and present the news in a particular way is profound and troubling. Evidence of this has juvenilely been remark by the way in which the New York Times has reported on a litany of different stories and ofttimes briefs the administration prior to printing any of these scoops (Kawashima, 2011). Although it is unfair to target the New York Times alone, such a practice is not constrained to this media entity. Naturally, the call of national security is oftentimes leveraged as a means of stating why the gouge should confer with the administration and/or government prior to reporting on a particular story, a situation by which the press and the media operates in direct conjunction and cooperation with the government is the complete inverse of what the founding fathers initially prescribed within the First Amendment. A host of recent studies indicates that the American populace is becoming less and less informed with regards to global issues. Although it is not fair to commit been narrowing of media and/or the consolidation that is been experienced ove r the past several decades, it is fair to state that these realities shake up not helped to broaden the understanding that Americans have with regards to a particular news story or head of importance. In short, what can be understood by the reader is the fact that a free press

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Research project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Research project - Essay Exampledoes not cure support or eliminate the virus from the body. Higher rates of success have been achieved with a cocktail of a variety of medications, including both protease inhibitors and reverse transcriptase inhibitors. Efavirenz (Sustiva), another type of reverse transcriptase inhibitor, must be taken with protease inhibitors or older AIDS medicines. Opportunistic infections are set with various antibiotics and antivirals, and patients with malignancies may undergo chemotherapy. These measures may prolong life or improve the quality of life, entirely drugs for AIDS treatment may also produce painful or debilitating side effects. (Muir, 1991) protease inhibitors, first approved in 1995, were designed for use in combination with reverse transcriptase inhibitors. The AIDS cocktail or triple-combination therapy, consists of a protease inhibitor and two reverse transcriptase inhibitors such as AZT and 3TC. proteolytic enzyme inhibitors work by disrupti ng the HIV replication cycle. Protease is another enzyme that is essential in the replication of HIV, just rather than acting on the act upon of genetic transcription, protease is necessary for breaking down viral proteins into the proper components for the maturation of new virus particles. In the absence of protease, the formation of viral proteins is incomplete, slowing the process of the virus. When taken together, the actions of reverse transcriptase inhibitors work in the early stages of the syndrome, while protease inhibitors interrupt processes in the final stages of maturation of new virus particles. (Henkel, 1999) Clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of this combination therapy and resulted in an advancement in the... Elwood, William N., ed. Power in the Blood A Handbook on AIDS, Politics, and Communication. Mahwah, NJ Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1999. Questia. 9 Mar. 2007 .Mitchell, Christopher G., and Nathan L. Linsk. A Multidimensional Conceptual Frame work for Understanding HIV/AIDS as a inveterate Long-Term Illness. Social Work 49.3 (2004) 469+. Questia. 8 Mar. 2007 .

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Response to ''why can't Ex-Felons vote Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Response to why cant Ex-Felons vote - Essay Example evil of political voice is the worst type of oppression citizens may be exposed to. They are no long able to choose the leaders they desire. In such states therefore, the statutes governing the right to vote should be amended so ex-felons regain eligibility to vote. This will restore the political voice of crime-hit districts. The restoration of rights to vote should non be left to depend entirely on the governor, as this will mean that not all told ex-felons will be allowed to vote. Looking back in history, disenfranchisement laws were crafted to bar blacks with even minor criminal testify from polls and this brings about the issue of racism. This limits blacks from exercising their right to vote and such laws should be made much reasonable so that even states populated by blacks do not lose their voice in American politics with time.In both nation that believes in democracy, ex-felons should be allowed to vote as this leads to malignity and alienation. Sometimes these people have h integritystly transformed yet no matter what they do, they are not allowed to contribute to the politics of their nation. Such people end up going back to crime as life with the restrictions of an ex-felon is unbearable. It is only fair therefore if they are allowed to vote. This issue has been confused as partisan amidst the republicans and democrats, with each group having different views, as it is clear to them that restoration of voting rights to these people will transmute the political alignment. However, this should not be the case in a democratic nation.In the law of any nation, and this includes America, voting is a basic human right and not a privilege. This right essentially defines one as a citizen of a specific nation. When ex-felons are denied the right to vote, then they can no longer be described as citizens, they are therefore

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''How does the teaching environment (both inside and outside the Essay

How does the teaching environment (both internal and outside the institution) influence EFL teachers pauperization - Essay Exampleunfold within educational institutions by turning them into analytic objects. (Lave, 1996, p.6)This is where Lave sets the problem of context by building on the basic premise that not both learning needs to be worthwhile. Translated, in this paper, the author has used the premise to show the effects of prescribed learning in individual so as to come up with a composite clay sculpture for worthwhile learning within a persons experiences rather than simply within the educational institutions from the perspective of a teachers motivation in an EFL classroom. This motivation and knowledge base takes a person through a modification of life experiences to help him or her practice a profession, meet people and basically, make a life. penury has been further defined as a combination of the following elements, by Kleinginna et al, 1981Another relevant inte rpretation of motivation comes from the fact that motivation is deeply linked with emotion. Izard (1990) believed that motivation and the direction of same is reflected in the nervus facialis expression of the learner and the teacher. Further, this has been discussed by Yerkes and Dodson (1908) when they extradite discussed the inverted U shape curve in analyze goal orientation in relation with motivation.Maslow (1971) has position dismantle important definitions and directions for studying the various areas of extraneous motivation which have been discussed in the paper. These include Cognitive areas and operant conditioning. This has been furthered by Heirarchy of Needs as laid down by Maslow. This has been studied by Norwood (1999) in coping information and seeking information. Motivational factors have been studied in this paper from various viewpoints and definitions as can be seen in the literature limited review and research background. Mathes (1981) described self act ualisation as a major factor in motivation as did William James (1892). Literature Review and Research BackgroundThe literature used for this paper has been exhaustive. It has skeletal from the work of various scholars so as to understand the nexus between motivation and learning. This paper discusses the outcomes of talent arousal in the field of education through motivation. From there, it goes into finer details as far as aspects of those determinants in cognitive development are concerned. In this regard, the importance of motivation as laid down by Kleinginna et al (1981) have formed an important research element of this paper. These aspects have to do with commonplace and other competencies. Before launching into a discussion of the same, Lave et al have separated unalienable and extrinsic factors of motivation so as to better understand the basis on which the determinants of positive and interdict

Financial analysis and risk management of Kingfisher Plc Essay

fiscal analysis and risk management of Kingfisher Plc - Essay ExampleThe major retail brands of Kingfisher Plc atomic number 18 B&Q, Castorama, Brico terminal figure and Screwfix. The connection is also operating in Turkey in 50% joint venture with Koc Group. The food market capitalisation value of Kingfisher Plc is 9100.92 million. The sales turnover of the society as on February 2014 was around 11.1 billion and the pre-tax change profit was 744 million. Asia is its key sourcing market, along with Eastern Europe, Turkey, South America and Middle East. The main competitors of the company are Wolseley Plc, Homebase limited and Leroy Merlin (London Stock Exchange, 2014). The financing of the company includes a number of debt funding instruments such as, wedge borrowings, leases, medium term notes and US private placement debt (Kingfisher, 2014b).Keeping in view the international nature of Kingfishers pedigree and growing globalisation across the world, certain strategic fac tors need to be considered by the company regarding its geographical location, financing and its degree of completion. From competitive position, the company presently belong to one of the top-performing companies in retail sector and major strategic advantage of the company is its tendency to acquire small businesses. The company has undertaken joint venture to enter the Turkish market, which is considerably an important system. Hence, the companys entry strategy differs from market to market. The SWOT analysis of Kingfisher Plc shows that the major strengths of the company are dominant market position, healthy business ratios and innovative products and services. The weaknesses include less investment in research and development and excessive dependence on France and UK market. The opportunities of the company are growth in e-retail and global home improvement industry while the company can face threats like slow economic growth of European market, rising cost of custody and hig h competition.The financial trend analysis has been done on last

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Cultural Advertising (how culture influences advertising) Research Paper

Cultural Advertising (how nicety influences advertising) - Research Paper ExampleThe culture of just about individuals is unyielding at their place of birth whereby they pick up the behaviors and mannerisms of those around them. This influences their general outlook towards life and the track in which they perform trustworthy actions in their day to day activities. Culture differs in various elements the most common is due to the location. Individuals in various continents have various distinct differences and these can be intimately noticed. A clear example is the popularity of sports in various continents. In the United States, the most popular sports be American Football and Baseball, in India, the most popular sport is cricket while in europium soccer is the major attraction. This at that placefore means that children born in these regions willing find that their sporting culture is inclined to these particular sports and therefore they are most likely to follow these sports. The environment we are in is a major determinant of the culture that we will adopt.Culture influences the languages that we speak and the religious beliefs that we are subscribe to. There is therefore a direct impact on the products that any given individual will use by the culture in which they belong. Some religious sects restrict the use of modern technology by their members and as such it would be pointless to try and them electronic. This therefore implies that advertisers should take keen commemorate of the various cultures around the world so that they know exactly which type of people use certain products. They can then target these people selectively with advertisements that cater to their exact needs. The end result is that there will be positive response from the market since their needs will be catered for (Mueller 2004).The goal of this judge is to find out how the advertisements differ from each other on basis of cultural values, are there any similarities a lso between TV

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Business Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Business Strategy - Essay ExampleThe industry sectors evaluated in this essay argon honest pharmaceutical companies, generic manufacturers, and biotechs. The pharmaceutical industry The global pharmaceutical industry faces significant demoralize in the twentieth century due to varying changes in the business environment. Holland is right, unmet medical needs, innovation and globalisation are critical driving forces of the industry. This is agreed by various researches, studies and evidences aiming to create assessment of the global pharmaceutical industry (Bianchi et al., 2011 Shah et al., 2009 Schmid and Smith, 2007). The next point is to evaluate whether these forces are what drive in each industry sector. The ethical pharmaceutical companies are broader since their yields cover conventional pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceutical agents and vaccines and over the counter medicines. As a result, Holland points out that the severalize strategic capabilities of these companies are Re search and Development and Sales and Marketing. Boone and Kurtz (2006) emphasize that companies which focus on these activities are projectile at creating a need for their service or product offerings. This implies that the ethical pharmaceutical sector is someplace between product and maturity level in the industry life cycle while truly particular at envisioning unmet medical needs, innovation and globalisation. In fact, production and outsourcing are another ii essential focus of this sector just to cover a wide range of geographic grocery store coverage (Holland, 2010). The generic manufacturers on the other hand among any other chafes are particular with accessing new technologies so as to reach markets with untapped potentials (Holland, 2010). Regarding this, the said sector is invariably looking forward to give manufacturing and distribution efficiency. Manufacturing and distribution are broader in context, but they are also associated with growth and development (K ruger, 2006). The generic manufacturer sector is also dynamic as it tries to continually search for markets with untapped potentials and even solicitous with patent concerns. Again, companies with this level of thinking cannot just simply skip the need to innovate, create or meet needs and be influenced by the global business force (Boone and Kurtz, 2006). The sector for generic manufacturer is somewhere between growth and maturity level in the industry life cycle. Finally, the sector for small bioengineering start-ups or biotechs like the previous sectors are also concerned with meeting needs, marketing concerns, but supra all financial restructuring due to long-product development, so it would take age to realise profitability (Holland, 2010). Distribution of its product to market seems to be the primary concern of this sector. Thus, time is the essential contributing factor why for sheath this sector embraces merger or acquisition (Holland, 2010). In the 21st century, this is sue is a global concern that drives major businesses, not only to innovate possibilities but gain market share by creating or meeting needs (Boone and Kurtz, 2006). Due to its restructuring activity, this sector is still primary moving forward to a growth level in the industry life cycle stage. Conclusion It is clear that unmet medical needs, innovation and time to market, and globalisation are essential forces that definitely move the different sector in the pharmaceutical industry. evening though only one

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Domino's pizza case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Dominos pizza - Case Study ExampleThis digest presents the elemental constructs of the new study strategy, the digital technologies used in the implementation of the strategy as fountainhead as the qualification of such technology to be part or reminiscent of a digital ecosystem. Dominos revolutionary information system stems primarily from operation innovation complimented by technology-en adequate to(p)d processes, and to a greater extent specifically the store design. Since the basic steps of making pizza available entail placement of the baffle by the customer followed by an immediate order preparation that takes into consideration the waiting time while balanced against quality maintenance, the need for store managers to monitor the rate of order preparation became imperative. Consequently, the business establish on its operational design and available technology rolled out a program, the leaderboard that provides store managers with real time information on doing analytics and operational metrics. Through this platform, store managers are able to monitor the performance of their respective stores relative to that of neighboring ones.In addition to providing information to the store managers, the leaderboard also relayed the same information to regional managers and to the headquarters, which implies that remote monitoring of store became possible. It also increased transparency in the operations of the stores since employees were able to track key performance indicators and make corrections whenever a situation arose that warranted such.

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USB Banks Take $2 Million Hit, a Detrimental Impact Essay

USB Banks Take $2 Million Hit, a Detrimental Impact - Essay workoutSince the Swiss and European savings situates operate in a different way, this new scenario poses new challenges for implementing controls. The economy in the past years has been weak to say the least. Banks have been defaulting in loans as creditors have failed to pay their loans. These trickled effects have been a domino effect internationally. When one bank is knockout by a fraud, it has a dynamic impact throughout the banks in the international front. One of the major banks that recently was charged for dealing with unauthorized revenue was UBS. The bank already was mounted with numerous amounts of risks and troubles prior to this massive problem. The Wall path Journal reports that UBS was charged $2 billion for conducting unauthorized trades. The news pretty much shocked the financial market as the UBS AG accumulated a hefty $2 billion in losses. The crisis slammed shares of UBS, which on Thursday fell ne arly 11% in Swiss trading and 10% in immature York Stock Exchange trading. The British Police arrested a humanness for committing fraud and playing with equities. The news that UBS broken $2 million took a big detrimental hit as the losses crippled the European economy. The Europeans have become increasingly uneasy about withdrawing equity from Euro Zone banks. The convicted felon was a man known as Kweku Adoboli, a London-based trader who worked in the exchange desk. The British police affirm that they arrested an respective(prenominal) who was committing fraud but have not charged him yet. According to officials, Mr. Adoboli was certified to work in the securities barter since March 2006. Mr. Adobolis past experience in trading enabled him to conduct this fraud in a very passive manner. The felon was under a different alias in the popular ruminate site called LinkedIn. Authorities are put away not aware whether he still works for that bank. The bank officials made the disc overy late when the London police informed the administration. Around 3.30 at night, the police confirmed their arrest of the felon. However, some parts of the how Mr. Adoboli conducted this scheme seem vague to officials. The officials were also unable to determine the casualties since UBS operates in major countries including United Kingdom. In midst of all these things, UBS discovered the hefty losses that they incurred. The UBS bank is still working hard to assure that all the positions are closed. In addition, the bank took a deep hit as their reported revenue fell from $8.2 billion to a $2.7 billion loss. The new shock doubtless raised the problem of the internal care control that were lacking in the band. Additionally, the unawareness the managers possessed was shocking. The management internal controls lacked the adequate understanding of mitigating the risks as this felon was free to conduct trades at his own impart. Clearly, the banks risk-management system had flaws si nce it had to write down $50 billion in securities exchange. Collins Stewart, a get wind analysis of financial markets depicts the demise of this situation as he states, A loss of this magnitude will very likely have occurred in the fixed-income, currencies and commodities division, the very division UBS has been systematically rebuilding after shrinking it by 40% during the credit crisis. Undoubtedly, this will trouble the foreign markets. In addition, it might hurt the currency exchange as the Euro rate will dip down. It will also cause collateral impairment as other banks might default in their loans. This

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A comparative study of the use of replacement pile foundations versus Assignment

A comparative study of the use of alternate locoweed foundations versus work shift pile foundations - Assignment ExampleThe intention of this study argon pile foundations as the structural separate that are involved with carrying and stirring the structural loads to the instal at a depth that is below the shape up of the ground. The pile foundation mainly consists of the dozens and the pile caps. pile are long members that are in addition slender and carry out the function of transferring the loads to deep soils which have high load sort capacities. naps are mainly pretended using concrete, wood and steel. They are classified check to sundry(a) standards which are dependent on the type of soil, material used to construct the pile and the characteristics of the piles to transmit loads. Piles are fixed to the ground through such processes as drilling, jacking, or driving them to connect to the pile caps. In basic point of view terms, piles erect be broadly classified in to both groups displacement piles or driven piles and reliever or bored piles. Displacement piles are form prior to being fixed to the ground through whatever mechanism, be it driving, jacking, bottom or hammering to the ground. Replacement piles are formed after a hole is turn over into the ground in which the pile is formed. There are various other modes of classifying piles such as the mode of the load bearing material capacity. This paper bequeath however focus on the replacement vs. the displacement piles. A comparative study of the use of these deuce types of piles will be given... They are classified according to various standards which are dependent on the type of soil, material used to construct the pile and the characteristics of the piles to transmit loads. Piles are fixed to the ground through such processes as drilling, jacking, or driving them to connect to the pile caps. In basic point of view terms, piles keep be broadly classified into two groups displacement piles or driven piles and replacement or bored piles. Displacement piles are formed prior to being fixed to the ground through whatever mechanism, be it driving, jacking, screwing or hammering to the ground. Replacement piles are formed after a hole is dug into the ground in which the pile is formed. There are various other modes of classifying piles such as the mode of the load bearing material capacity. This paper will however focus on the replacement vs. the displacement piles. A comparative study of the use of these two types of piles will be given (Berezantsev, 1961). Classification of piles Piles are classified according to various means. This part of the paper will look at the various classification methods. Piles can be classified according to the method used for load transmission and the resulting functional behavior (Whitaker, 1970). Pile classification according to load transmission method In this group of piles, there are troika subdivisions end or point bearing piles, friction or cohesion piles and a faction of both friction and cohesion piles. End bearing piles These types of piles perform load transfer to the firm stratum that is located way deep into the structural base. Most of their carrying capacity results from the resistance to keenness of the soil below them. The figure below shows a

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Financial Development In 1985 Essay Example for Free

Financial Development In 1985 EssayIn 1985, the affair pass judgment were lower and to a greater extent(prenominal) stable than in other years. 1978 experienced lowest short-term interest rates while long-run interest rate declined to a rate that has never been seen since 1980. The real interest rates- nominal rates correct for inflation- were also lower in 1985 than other years though going by historical standards, they prevailed very(prenominal) high. From January to early march, both short-term rates and long-term rates rose moderately by each year highs.This is partly because of the strong demand for occupancy credit and the ending of a period during which the Federal second-stringer eased the pressure on banks on their reserve positions. Interest rate declined by April and June. The factors behind interest rate ________________________________ 5. Douglas A. Irwin Joseph H. Davis. Trade Disruptions and Americas Early Industrialization, (2003). NBER Working Papers 9944, National Bureau of scotch Research, Inc. demand for business loans. Another factor that contributed to the second quarter drop in interest rates was because of the cut in the Federal Reserves discount rate.After midyear, the short-term rate fluctuated in a settle range, slightly above June lows. By early December, the U. S. Treasury bill rate was 7. 10 pct. This was about iodin percent lesser than that of 1984. The long-term interest rate also fluctuated in the third quarter however, in the late of October, it dropped rapidly. The continued drop in long-term rate was because of the low rate of inflation, the signs that showed that the economy would remain sluggish and that monetary policies would not tighten.Interest rates in 1985 were more stable than the most young years. The rate of fluctuations for short-term rates was within the range of one and one-half-percentage points in the year compared to the three percent points in 1984 and considerably less than 1980-1984 per iods. The long-term rates were also stable in 1985 and the rate of fluctuations was mingled with a narrow range that was less than two percentage points. Nominal rates and interest rates were low in 1985 but going by historical standards, there were high.Growths in Monetary indemnity in 1985 The emergence in monetary policies in 1985 was moderately higher than that of 1984. M1 grew faster than most new years while M2 grew fastest than in 1984. The offset rate of M3 in 1985 was less than that of 1984. M1, known as money supply grew at an annual rate of 11. 6 percent for the prototypal 11 months of 1985. This is more than twice the growth in 1984. The resurgence in the growth of demand deposit and a twit in the growth of 6.Diebold, Francis X Rudebusch, Glenn D, Have Postwar Economic Fluctuations Been Stabilized? , September 1992. American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 82(4), pages 993-1005. other checkable deposits caused the rapid growth. After exhibiti ng little growth on balance in the past five years, demand deposit grew to 8. 0 percent rate in the outset 11 months of 1985. There was a sharp declination in M1s turnover in 1985 just as it grew more rapidly than nominal GNP. M2 grew at an annual rate of 8.6 percent in the first 11 months of 1985. This was somewhat more than that of 1984. In contrast to the growth of M1s in 1985, M2 growth was likened to the growth of 1980-1984 periods. Several other components in M2 grew rapidly in 1985 than in 1984. Savings deposit increased in 1985 after contrasting in 1984. Some of the 1985 growths may have come from the expense of small-time deposits. M3 slowed aggressively in contrast to M1 and M2 in 1985. M3 grew at an annual rate off 8. 3 percent for the first 11 months of 1985.This is considerably less than that of any recent years. This slow growth was because of the declined growth in prominent denomination time deposits. Growth of term repurchase agreement and institution-only market s fund were slowed down in 1985. The growth of domestic non-financial debt also slowed in the first 11 months of 1985, growing at a rate of 12. 8 percent, which moderately low than that of 1984. This nonfinancial debt consists of outstanding debts of all governmental units, household, and nonfinancial businesses.

Facebook and Privacy Essay Example for Free

Facebook and Privacy EssayEx-Apple Engineer, Peter Warden, has collected earth sports fan page information from 215 million Facebook pages, revealing current trends, such as God being the number unity closely popular fan page among Facebook users in the Southern U. S. , whereas Barack Obama featured heavily for San Francisco users, and Starbucks was number star in Idaho. Warden plans to release this data to the academic community because he sees great potential in the data that sewer be extracted from these berths. This process is called data harvesting. The article suggests future academic work inthis area is promising to occu impacting on piles privacy. (FACTS 100 words) Response The ETHICAL field of study central to this article is privacy and control. On one hand, Warden claims his intentions are altruistic (helpful to others) and that the data he is making visible here is a matter of public discourse. However, the FACTS are that individual users who are generatin g this data digest neither been consulted about the data collection nor have they given permission for Warden to use it. Clearly Warden does not take to be others peoples privacy as much as he WANTS (emotion) to create the website.The argument could be made that once a user becomes a fan of a page on Facebook or, indeed, publishes any content to the internet, that information becomes public. User who have deployed privacy settings to cautiously maintain a strong sense of control over their profiles, however, might well feel very(prenominal) ANGRY about this use of their data. Facebook can harvest that data (and does, for targeted advertising purposes) because they have a freight to those advertisers (emotion)and engineers like Warden can develop data-trawling engines to collect accessible information across a massive dataset.The law needs to be much clearer about the rights of consumers, companies and advertisers in these situations. As Facebook is presumably bound by its admi t set of critically considered ETHICAL guidelines, these are neverthess underpinned by commercial VALUES and a vested interest (emotion) in keeping the data of its users from competitors. Warden claims to be operating under his own set of ethics that privilege (value) the furthering of knowledge. The issue then shifts to the academic community. Warden contends that one of his central motivations for collecting this data was sothat he could share it with the academic community.Although this claim may be true, most (if not, all) Universities have clear ETHICAL guidelines for research that explicitly VALUE and therefore require consent from participants. If none of the users gave consent for their data to be collected in this way, this in effect denies them a sense of AGENCY. Thus, academically, this data is tainted. While its implications are important the trends it makes visible are of import to understanding the localised structures of social network sites like Facebook.Personally, I wouldbelieve people should be adequate to tick a box that gives consent for the use of their personal material. I do not believe, either, that it should be one of those boxes you are obliged to tick before being able to use a site that removes my personal AGENCY and I VALUE this very much. It should be up to me to decide whether other people get my data.If this sort of system was in place, everyone would know the FACTS, everyone would understand what is going on and no one would feel (emotion) betrayed or exposed unfairly. (463 words) Animal Research Link http//www. scu. edu/ethics/publications/iie/v1n3/cures. html Objective synopsis

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Business plan Essay Example for Free

trade plan EssayIntroductionselective commercialiseing strategyMost of the sm either care or businesses seeking to enter into new stake like yeasty technology seeking to enter the Ameri green goddess headphone commercialize go away betroth select look ating with the main objective being to get higher returns on their merchandiseing investments. To reach out this objective, creative technology should arrive at hard in knowe their customers in the basis of their origination, who they ar and w here(predicate) do their crossroads do well (Homburg, etaal, 2009). erst they have that in mind, because they will try to maximize the top hat performing market segment, to realize these high returns on investment (ROI). The other vital objective of creative technology is to eliminate the guess works and the wastes touch ond in new venture and replace them with specific targeted efforts. This will agree that they reduce on the operating cost and maximize their returns on investment. Also, owing to the extravagance nature of the output that Creative applied science is to introduce in the United States market, they should gravitate towards these selective marketing as their product target a very limited population segment. Creative Technology hires this effect of marketing to achieve their objectives as this product which they want to engage in is non for everyone and so they want to ensure that the message meets the right consumers and so reflecting in increased gross revenue. Mostly, Creative Technology might implicate a glossy ad in the magazine and televisions. This is so because most of the population would be dulled with luxury goods adverts.More over, Creative technology should employ tactics to oppositeiate the product from other brands in their home of products. This entails at classifying a brand as being more superior to other competing brands. This will involve stressing the quality of brand and design on their historical rel evance and the longevity of the brand. In this approach, they will strive to paint the other competing products as unreliable, generic as and of a lesser quality than their own headphones (Homburg, etaal, 2009).This will ensure that Creative Technology meets its objectives of high returns on investments. This is so because it will reduce the extra cash in and time spent on advertising messages conduceed towards consumers who may otherwise not be interest in the product. Also in addition to making this product stand out, specialized focus on specific market areas mickle help in building products reputation and ensure that this product has a long term fostered faithfulness.Target MarketCreative technology will then employ the tactics of target market selection in order to engage in the market which they are sure that their product will sell. There are two important factors which they should consider in doing this. These include the attractiveness of the market segment and also ho w the segment will fit their objectives and resource capabilities (Shaw, E. 2012)..When they are selecting the target market, they should consider the fol diminisheding aspects. The size of the segment this basically entails to the number of their customers that are in that population. When they arrest that the segment has a considerable number of people then they can choose to invest in it and the vise versa.The other aspect which they should also consider is the growth rate of the segment. This will help them to go over their future prospect in the market. Also, they should be at a position of determining the level of cont rester in the population that they want to invest in. this will enable them decide their product in a manner that they will be more appealing than that of their competitors. In doing so, they will also know the loyalty of the customers in the competing brands and hence know the strategy of invading this market segment. In addition they will be at a position o f determining the attainable markets share if they got the knowledge of the competitors white plague in promoting their brands. Given the size of the population, they should also ascertain the required market share so as to break even and the profits they expect from the sales in the said segment (Aaker and David, 2008).To obtain this information, market research and abbreviation is vital for Creative Technology. For instance, buyer intentions, test marketing, sales estimation and summary in demand is very useful in determination of sales potential. The micro and macro environmental variables on the segment should also be put into consideration (Shaw, E., 2012).It is very important for the Creative Technology to flyer that larger segments are not prudent for targeting as they will already have more competition. It could be more profitable to invest in two or more small segments with light or no competition. However, if the firm is sure of developing a competitive advantage lik e patent protection, they can engage in larger market segments.Target Market StrategiesThere are disparate marketing strategies that should be employed by Creative technology in their endeavors of choosing a market strategy. These strategies include iodin segment strategy this strategy is also referred to as concentrated market strategy.Here one market segment is served as opposed to the entire market. It is a strategy which should be employed by smaller firms with little resources.Selective specialization it is a multiple- segment strategy and is also referred to as variantiated strategy. Different market segment are served with different marketing strategies. Only the promotional message varies with the product not being the same in these markets.Product specialization In this strategy, the company specializes in particular products that tailored to different market segmentsMarket specialization here the company will specialize in a oneness market and serve it with varied produ cts. Creative Technology cannot employ market specialization as it is proviso to employ only one product, the headphones.Full market coverage Here the organization tries to cover the self-colored market. It is mostly achieved either through mass marketing where a single undifferentiated market shamble is employed to the entire market or by a differentiated strategy in whicha different mixing is offered to every segment.Individual marketing strategy this is a strategy which has been employed recently owing to the technology where market mix is tailored in accordance to the individual consumer (Brian Solis,2011).For the Creative Technology to confront competitive in the market and realize high returns, it should always target a market that matches its capabilities. Once it has gained momentum, then it can expand by embarking on specialization strategy, tailor the product for different markets. side strategyAfter selecting the target market, the firm will now embark on deciding on how it will position itself in the chosen market segment. Positioning refers to how the firm wants their customers to view their product. It is about good conveyance of messages to the target market about the firms product or service.Position strategy exploitationThe original step is to do a market research. The main aim of this is to feel the features of your product that the consumer wants to feel their presence in the target market of your choice. You research the general features and not the features offered by a particular brand for example headphone features by Creative Technology Company.Once you have identify the features which are preferred by your potential customers and their ranking according to your target customers, the then compile a list of product in that target market offering these features. Then draw a play showing not only the features of the product but also the competitors that offer those products with the same features. It is also advisable to place you r product in this map in like manner, for comparison purposes. After this you will have a plunder picture on where competitors products are positioned in your map in the chosen target market, you can the give way an informed decision on where you would like your product to appear on the map.Position strategy development mostly depends on how the firm will position itself. The firm can take a me too strategy and position themselves adjacent to the competitor and allow the customers to directly compare the product features or they can choose a strategy positioning themselves away from their competitors. One way of doing this is by offering a feature absent from the competitors products that their market research revealed that the consumers in that market rank as vital.Market mixThis refers on how the firm, Creative Technology will transmit their headphones to their consumers. They should plan this strategy so as to distribute their products (headphones) to their consumers at the r ight time and place. Efficient distribution is imperative if the firm is to meet their objectives. If for any condition they underestimate or overestimate the demand, the firms profitability will be negatively touched (Borden, Neil,2013).Choosing the Distribution channelThere are two available channels of distribution which include direct and indirect distribution channels. Indirect pertains to the distribution where one uses the intermediaries in distribution. For instance, they can sell to the wholesaler who sell to the retailer and then to the end user. Conversely, direct distribution is where the company will be distributing directly to the end users at the right time and place required. It is mostly preferred as it gives the manufacturers direct control over their products.Choosing a distribution strategyDifferent products are distributed differently and there are three different distribution strategies which can be employed. There is intensive distribution strategy which is e mployed in distributing low priced products, exclusive distribution which involves limiting distribution to a single outlet. This strategy is mostly employed in the highly priced product like vehicles and also may require an intermediary (Borden, Neil,2013)..Selective distribution here a small number of outlet, especially retailers, are chosen for product distribution.If Creative Technology adopts a selective or exclusive strategy, they should choose an intermediary who is well versed with handling these or sympathetic product and is well know by the target consumers.Planning assumptionsProjected cost and sales pecuniary tracking is a very vital part of any given business plan. In this pecuniary tracking, one should be careful to note that the programme cost not only refers to the cost of the give but also the cost involved in administering this programme itself. Any project, for instance the Creative Technologys project of venturing into the US market should contain the expected cost and the return or the sales expected from the same. In addition it should show clearly where the projects resources will be obtained to accommodate sure that it will not fail on the way. The projected sales and cost is the culmination of all the previous section of the business plan as each section will always tinge on the cost and sales hence affecting the whole project finance.For it to create accountability, it should show clearly the firm organization structure so that it may indicate who is responsible for what, who will be making decisions regarding productions, legal compliance and financial management.Sensitivity analysisThis is a tool which can be utilize by firms to examine their effects on the net income whe sales levels increase or decrease. These changes against which the sensitivity analysis is done are the unexpected event or the contingencies I outlined in the contingency planning. This analysis will usually centre its process on the what if question. Mostl y these questions are as the spare-time activity what would be the firms income if it has a sales forecast of 12%, 16% or 34% higher? Also what can be my firms net income is the firms forecast a 12%, 16% or 34% lower than the expected (Helton etaal, 2009).Contingency planContingencies are events which are not expected or not expected in the firm business plan. So the company must develop a contingency mitigating strategies or plans in order to be uprised for these unexpected outcomes. This is because these events do not arise from time to time and so they must be ready with these plans in case they occur. These plans entail preparing for crises and for unwelcome outcomes in case they occur (British Standards Institution, 2012). This will ensure that the firm will tardily recover these unexpected events. It will also ensure that these impacts are minimized.When drawing a contingency plan, the first step is recognizing its need, and then indentifying all the possible scenarios. Af ter this they must know what the consequences of these crises will be. Then measure out the degree which might be caused by these eventualities. After they have done all this then the lowest step is to choose a risk strategy to employ so that they can mitigate these crisis and last do a crisis simulation which is testing their plan.(British Standards Institution, 2012) The firm management should also consider the what if question where they prepare scenarios which could arise in the business operations. Some of these questions could include what if the competitors produce a very powerful product with much favorable features in the eyes of the consumers of the target market? What if the firm does not meet its expectations? What if their competitors employ advanced advertisement strategies than the firm? EtcReferencesBaker, Michael The Strategic marketing Plan Audit 2008. p.Homburg, Christian Sabine Kuester, Harley Krohmer (2009) merchandise Management A Contemporary Perspective (1st ed.), London.Marketing basics Marketing strategy based on market needs, targets and goals.Aaker, David (2008) Strategic Market ManagementBaker, Michael The Strategic Marketing Plan Audit 2008 p. 27Shaw, E. (2012). Marketing strategy From the origin of the concept to the development of a conceptual framework. Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, 4(1), 3055.Pinson, Linda. (2004). Anatomy of a Business Plan A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Business and Securing Your Companys Future (6th Edition). Page 20. Dearborn Trade Chicago, USA.A. Simon, Rational decision making in business organisations, American Economic ReviewBorden, Neil. (2013)The Concept of the Marketing Mix.Brian Solis(2011) Engage The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure success in the New Web, toilet Wiley Sons, Inc. pp.201-202.Koichi Shimizu (2003)Symbiotic Marketing Strategy,4th edition, Souseisha Book Company.Intrieri, Charles (10 family line 2013).Business Conting ency Planning. Flevy. Retrieved 29 September 2013.British Standards Institution (2012). Societal security Business contigency management musical arrangements Requirements LondonSaltelli, A., Ratto, M., Andres, T., Campolongo, F., Cariboni, J., Gatelli, D. Saisana, M., and Tarantola, S., 2008,Global Sensitivity compend. The Primer, John Wiley Sons.Campolongo, F., J. Cariboni, and A. Saltelli (2008). An effective screening design for sensitivity analysis of large models.Environmental Modelling and Software,22, 15091518.Fass, Alessandro ()Sensitivity Analysis for Environmental Models and Monitoring Networks. PreprintJ.C. Helton, J.D. Johnson, C.J. Salaberry, and C.B. Storlie, 2009, Survey of samplingbased methods for uncertainty and sensitivity analysis.Reliability Engineering and System Safety

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Nanotechnology in Aeviation Essay Example for Free

Nanotechnology in Aeviation EssayNanotechnology in Aerospace MaterialsIntroduction name 1. The aerospace industry is under pressure to improve its environmental footprint, primarily by making formcraft more effective. anatomy character Bureau of Labor Statistics.There argon few industries where the applications of nanotechnology argon so clearly skillful as in the aerospace industry. The primary development goals match almost exactly with the advantages offered by using versatile nanomaterials in the place of traditional people metals like steel. The aerospace industry is one of the most important strained industries in the world. Countless companies rely on the ability to ship products and people around the world with the speeding that deal only by acquired by air. The aircraft manufacturing market was worth xxx billion in 20xx, and the bulk of this was accounted for by military spending.Along with this huge economic value, however, comes huge consumption, and one of the largest carbon footprints on the major planet relative to the size of the market. For this reason, the major teasers in current aerospace RD are towards lighter construction materials and more efficient engines the overall goal being to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions associated with air travel and air freight. The signifi flockt interest in nanotechnology for the aerospace industry is justified by the potential of nanomaterials and nanoengineering to help the industry achieve this goal. This article will review some of the nanomaterials which are already being applied in aerospace manufacturing, and the benefits they can provide. Nanostructured MetalsBulk metals with some nanoscale structure are already widely employ in aircraft manufacturing. It is now salutary known that nanostructured metals exhibit considerably improved properties compared to their counterparts with microscale or larger grain structure. This is particularly noticeable for properties which are crucial for materials used in aircraft primarily yield strength, tensile strength and corrosion resistance, coupled with low density which helps keep the total weight of the aircraft down. Figure 2. Bulk nanostructured metals exhibit much better automatonlike properties and corrosion resistance than their counterparts with larger crystal structures. Image credit Los Alamos National Laboratory. Polymer NanocompositesVarious nanomaterials have been used as filler materials to enhance the properties of structural and non-structural polymers used in aircraft construction. The most commonly used nanomaterials embarrass nanoclays, carbon nanotubes, nanofibres, and graphene. Carbon nanotubes in particular have been shown to give excellent advantages when used as fillers in confused polymers, due to their exceptional stiffness, toughness, and unique electrical properties.Nanocomposites typically have superb weight-to-strength ratios, and enhanced resilience to vibration and fire, m aking them ideal for use in the aviation industry. The properties of the nanofillers, like the conductivity of nanotubes, for example, can build interesting opportunities for multifunctional materials. The properties of polymers enhanced by nanomaterial fillers are so well-tuned to the requirements of aircraft manufacturers, that they are actually being used to put back some of the metals used in the airframes. This obviously brings along huge weight savings, and often cost savings as well. Tribological and Anti-Corrosion CoatingsAnother major trend in the materials used in aircraft is towards nanocoatings to enhance the durability of metals. In particular, magnesium alloys, which are far lighter than steel or aluminium, are prone to corrosion, due to the racy chemical reactivity of magnesium. Coatings can help prevent corrosion, but the type typically used keep back chromium complexes which are a highly toxic pollutant. Materials used for these novel anti-corrosion nanocoatings include silicon and barn oxides, and cobalt-phosphorous nanocrystals.Nanocoatings are also now being used on turbine blades and other mechanical components which have to restrain high temperatures and friction wear. Tribological coatings can drastically lower the friction coefficient and improve resistance to wear this greatly improves the efficiency of the engines. Many nanostructured and nanoscalecoating materials have been suggested as possible friction modifying agents, such as carbides, nitrides, metals, and various ceramics. Figure 3. The defense sector drives a lot of the innovation in many industries, and aerospace is no exception. high-performance military aircraft require exceptional materials, which will eventually find their way into commercial vehicles. Image credit Penn State University.ConclusionThis is just a brief overview of some of the nanomaterials being used in aerospace. The drive for lighter and more efficient air vehicles has led to the rapid adoption of n anotechnology in aerospace manufacturing. The main roadblock, as with many industries looking to adopt nanotechnology, is caused by uncertainty over the environmental and health and safety implications of these materials. Whilst nanomaterials can often be less toxic than the current materials used, the effects of long-term exposure to these novel materials are still uncertain.The potential of nanotechnology in the aerospace industry cannot be denied, however. Outside of airframe and component materials, nanotechnology applications have been found in lubricants, fuel, adhesives and many other areas. Nanotechnology is also helping engineers to create vehicles with the necessary properties to endure the harsh conditions of space.

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The Opposite Sex Essay Example for Free

The Opposite ride EssayIn the modern era, males may wrench unfair in giving out comments to females for their actions, go women may besides become bias in their appreciation to men. Its funny sometimes how our judgment fails us. Our ability to see into things depreciates into lesser chunks of stupidity. We end up creation stubborn, just so we could be inconsistent. We blindly will our way to rash verdicts and absurdities. Now that things are little hazy, clarifications are expected more than anything else. only the well-nigh that could clarify this issue is the essay Opposite Sex by Seven Dorloff.The characters from the essay were students who were effrontery the chance to write down their experiences if they were to alienate themselves from their own identity and act as their opposite finish for genius day. Various reactions came out. Some were excited about it, while others were pacified.The author entitled his students the chance to become their opposite sex. Likew ise, he gave his class the option to make his/her wise preference as to what grammatical sexuality they most likely wanted to become after a one-day experience of becoming their opposite sex. The essay also showed a comparison of gender.But it does not suggest discrimination between the two because no one suffered ridicule why they were experiencing to become their opposite sex. He did not limit the options available to his students like soulfulness who may prefer to have a different gender than his/her usual (Gumisai Mutume). He neither curtailed the antiauthoritarian rights to write and to choose by decreasing the availability of the options. But the author did not intend to drastically modify his students tastes.In the same way that a person with a different orientation must not be treated any different from person with other orientation just because we reckon theyre different. No matter how they stand out in their choice of orientation, in fashion sense and in whatever mea ns of comparison still they are not any different from us. unbent enough, having born as their gender, they will always be the gender they were initially. If they will defy their gender, they will fly the coop the risk of losing their identity because they will be ostracized and casted away from their community. They enjoy a degree of freedom in their gender adherence but they merchantmant completely detach and get away from their buffer gender.Lets understand that being a different gender is another category its another quality that needs separate space. Its not being indifferent its being a manifestation of who you really are and who you wanted to become (Julie Mullins). Being a different gender however does not mean that the person you have been before is unlikeable, its being enjoying what life peck possibly offer. Since, the students were engendern the chance to become their opposite sex they took the opportunity despite the fact that they can only become males / females t hrough pen.Lastly, the author was able to explain that no matter how different your gender is, you can still live in a world without minding critics. If we dont mind our genders, that would do us more good. Its respect that we all need. Its respect that we claim generously, its respect we give grudgingly.Work CitedMullins, Julie. Gender Discrimination. 2008. Children In Need, Inc. 15 September 2008 http//www.childreninneed.org/magazine/gender.htmlAnchor-Girls-35882 Gender Equality. 31 March 2008. Canadian International Development Agency. 15 September 2008 http//www.acdi-cida.gc.ca/CIDAWEB/acdicida.nsf/En/REN-218125542-Q37

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Global Warming Essay Example for Free

Global Warming EssayGlobal warming is the cast up of undercoats surface temperature due(p) to the birth of nursery gases. The main causes of spheric warming is the greenhouse effect, fossil fuels in cars, and ball-shaped emission. Global warming is having an effect on our environment such as revolt seas, changes in rainfall patterns, and etc. What we throw out do to stop this is, lower down emissions, thinned greenhouse gases and so on. This paper will focus on what global warming is doing to our environment. The greenhouse effect is one of the things cause global warming. The greenhouse effect is the warming that happens when gases in the earths atmosphere gets trapped with heat. An simulation of a greenhouse effect is, sunlight passing through transparent windows. The reason it happens is because gases absorb basal violet heat that is radiated into space. When it is radiated carbon dioxide absorbs this heat and the more carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere, t he denudate gets warm. If the air gets extremely hot the world will be destroyed because animals and plants will die.Another thing that is do global warming is fossil fuels in cars. Coals and gas are burned to make electricity, cooking, and warming or cooling our homes. Even though we are using these for our own benefits it is harming our environment and later it will become an effect on us. Fossil fuels are made from remains from other plants, and animals that was buried in the humankind for millions and millions of years. Did you know that a long time ago, that heat and pressure has made these remains into fossil fuels that everyone calls char and gas? Well today, these fossil fuels are burned so that they can release energy that was stored inwardly of them. When they are burned the carbon inside of them are released in the air and creates carbon dioxide which is also injurious for our environment. Burning petrols that are in cars, pollute the air we breathe and is harming both us and the environment but yet we still use it.Global emissions are also one of the things that is causing global warming. Global emission is, worldwide air pollution. Global emissions jumped 3 percent in 2011 which make a huge difference.. There are emissions from factories, greenhouse gases, or global greenhouse emissions. The things that cause global emissions are, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxides, and hydro fluorocarbons. .This can create smog, and acid rain. Emissions seems to be one of the greatest causes of global warming. This is mishap because Earth is surrounded by a layer of gases. Global emissions includes heat creating-gases so when this is released, it rises and becomes trapped by the atmosphere. These trapped gases seem to be responsible for increasing temperatures on Earth.The effect that is having on our environment is rising of seas, changes in rainfall patterns, melting glaciers, spread of disease, warming seas, glaciers shrinking, droughts, and seve re rainstorms. Rising sea levels are due to the melting of the polar ice caps, as well as an increase in occurrence and hard knocks of storms and other severe weather events. The cycle of global warming is changing the climate that all alert things have come rely upon. Global warming is making the Earth more humid which causes vicarious temperature and because of it, the weather is changing. The temperature of the Earth has raised(a) 0.4 and 0.8 degrees Celsius in 100 years because of global warming. Glaciers are shrinking because the Earth is warming up. When the seas were warming up, the population of planktons decreased. When the Earth spins, the hat spins with it and the Earth is collecting moisture over the seas. collect to these droughts, farmers are having a difficult time planting, growing, and making a living.This paper covered on what global warming is doing to our environment. As it had said in the paper, global warming changed Earths climate, causing the weather to change. The temperature of the Earth has raised 0.4 to 0.8 degrees Celsius in the past 100 years. The things that are often affecting the earth is the effect on greenhouse gases, fossil fuels in cars, and global emissions. Global emissions jumped 3 percent in 2011. Since global warming is harming our environment, we can all work together to find a way to help our environment.

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Analysis of Theoretical Framework Essay Example for Free

Analysis of Theoretical role model EssayThe dissertation by Constance L. Pearson focuses on the issue of reading noesis and the barriers associated with reading recognition. Pearson identifies a mannequin of factors that impact reading comprehension. The motivation level of the reader, the readers reading level, the level of the mental ability, and the readers interest significantly impact an individuals comprehension ability. (Pearson, 1987). Pearson argues there is a direct race mingled with schema and reading comprehension. precis refers to the telescope knowledge on a specific report or idea an individual has, it is every(prenominal) the ideas someone has related to a particular word or concept (Rumelhart, 1980). Pearson claims graphic personal digital assistants are an effective tool for measuring and teaching background knowledge, reading comprehension appears to be enhanced by the use of right personal organisers (Pearson, 1987). Teaching methodologies and the popular search concerning reading comprehension has changed significantly over the decades. Reading comprehension was initially believed to be a process activated by the text alone.The new popular research indicates reading comprehension is complex and influenced by many variables (Pearson, 1987). The research indicates savants need some background knowledge or basic understanding of the publication beforehand to to the full comprehend the humble matter. The savants level of prior(prenominal) knowledge significantly impacts reading comprehension. Pearson uses the bourn schema to refer to this background tuition or prior knowledge the reader posses beforehand, Schema is all the ideas someone has related to a word or concept (Rumelhart, 1980). Pearson points to the field of operations of Social Studies to demonstrate this point.The study of Social Studies and History is a continuous story covering a wide range of issues and topics, many of which require the reader to ha ve substantial background knowledge to richly comprehend the subject or connect the various pieces of History. For example, it would be extremely difficult for students to analyze the causes and effects of WWI and WWII without any background info on globalization. In order to improve students reading comprehension it is essential to fit students have the necessary background information to be fully comprehend the selection. The dissertation discusses the use of advanced organizers as a tool to help readers connect information,specifically prior knowledge to newly learned information.Background knowledge or schema has a greater impact on reading comprehension than any other single factor. The theory was introduced in the 1970s and attempts to explain the learning process (Pearson, 1987). Schema refers to the entire collection of information a person has on a specific topic. It describes the collection of thoughts, ideas, images, and beliefs that are automatically triggered when a student is introduced to a particular topic or issue. The greater the students collection of background information or the more prior knowledge the reader possesses on an issue or topic the greater that students level of comprehension when exposed to new materials related to those topics or issues (Turner, 1988). Students often times solely lack the essential background knowledge or schemata to fully comprehend the information (Pearson, 1987).As a result teachers must structure their lessons to provide students with the necessary background knowledge to fully comprehend the subject matter being taught. Teacher must focus on content and then comprehension leave improve, if teachers focus on helping students understand the content, comprehension skills acquisition will occur almost apropos (Pearson, 1987). Expecting students to comprehend a topic or issue they know nothing about is a brusk example of responsible teaching. It is the teachers office to provide students the necessar y information to make informed and reasonable decisions.Pearson argues the advanced organizer is the solution to the reading comprehension problem. The best advanced organizers are teacher created. High quality commercial graphic organizers are not readily available. They are often particular(a) or poorly matched for the topic or lesson at hand and many are outdated as educational research continues to improve. Pearson identifies iii types of advances organizers, the communicative organizer, the anticipation guide, and the graphic overview advance organizer. The verbal organizer is the simplest of the deuce-ace and a reliable tool for introducing new information. The organizer introduces students to new information my associating or linking it with prior knowledge. The verbal organizer has proven an effective tool for increasing reading comprehension (Vacca Vacca, 1986).The anticipation guide requires students to moot about the information before hand by answering a series of true and bastard questions related to the topic. Students rely on their prior knowledge to answer the questions, then make the necessary changes as they read the selection and learn new information. The guided reading activities that often accompany new content are a perfect example of this. The graphic overview organizer is possibly the most popular of the three and has received a great deal of attention.It is well suited for the visual and tactile learner. The graphic overview organizer focuses on content and key terms. The graphic overview organizer uses pictorial images to connect key terms to the principal(prenominal) ideas presented in the text. Pearson provided a good amount of information supporting the effectiveness of the pictorial organizer, the graphic overview organizer proved particularly effective in increasing reading comprehension among students with low levels of prior knowledge (Pearson, 1987).The dissertation was informative and interesting it helped me to unde rstand a number of issues related to reading comprehension. It clearly explained the huge push for the use of graphic organizers across my district over the last few years. As a Social Studies teacher I will examine more closely how I present information to students. I often take for granted their prior knowledge and then find myself wondering wherefore some are struggling comprehending the main ideas. As Pearson pointed out successfully comprehension of Social Studies programme requires the essential background knowledge.The main argument of the dissertation is there is a direct relationship between a students level of comprehension of a topic and the students prior knowledge in relationship to that subject. Students struggle with new information because they lack the required schema to fully comprehend the subject matter at hand. The use of advanced organizers helps students develop their background knowledge. The more the student knows about the topic, the better the student w ill be able to understand that topic. Pearson claims increasing a students schema will improve the students reading comprehension ability and it is the teachers responsibility to provide students with the background information to fully comprehend the topic.

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The color Purple Essay Example for Free

The color Purple EssayAs the narrative perspective shifts and develops, so alike does Celies count of theology. When Celie writes her first letter to God, we fork out a very limited idea of what she means by God. At first, God is an abstract, authoritative, and dependable figure to whom Celie can share herself. White white skin and a white beard, he bequeath be there for Celie as long as she recalls in him. When Celie tells Shug that she will stop authorship to God because he does non listen, Shug t separatelyes her something highly significant. Shug does non tell her to imagine a black God instead, nor does Shug simply tell Celie to keep believing anyway because God will reproduction in the way she remembers him. Rather, Shug tells Celie to feel loved by God by being herself. Shug explains that superstar does not bugger off God in a church but through iodineself. This perspective challenges the general affect of God in their society, as though God is someone who ca n be visited or evaluate to come when calledor as though God is some white old man with a white-grey beard.Shug shows her witness love for God by loving the things she has been given. She appreciates the realness, from her get sexual ecstasies to the color purple she finds in nature. For Celie, God moves from being a person to being something (not someone) inside Celie, a goodness that inspires. Celie learns that she writes from her own view of the world and that every view must(prenominal) be challenged and not taken for granted. Whatever people may deem about God, whether the Bible says it or not, Celie learns to find her own meaning in God.Throughout her written garner, we divulge her write, perhaps rewriting, her world and the divinity it expresses. Still, it is not until the end of the overbold that she nigh fully sees what she has been doing all along creating her own story. One has a certain power and responsibility in creating a world or judging a world that has be en created by oneself or someone else. Creative expression When Africans were taken from their homelands to America, they unremarkably were denied education by their slave owners and were not allowed to address their own languages, instead being forced to speak English.This meant that the slaves had to create their own forms of communication and expression. This is where the African-American oral tradition began, with style and content often root in the stories and tales they had grown up with in Africa. They overtaked through dance, song, and gesture, passing on their stories of woe and of freedom from one extension to otherwise. In a similar way, although Celie is forced into silence by Alfonso, by writing her letters she engages in creative expression and communication so that her story is received by all her readers.Her exemplar of persistence in writing to God is her way of persistence in being heard, in writing instead of orally. Although she does not realize it at the time, every word she writes is an assertion that she deserves to be heard. Likewise, sister Nettie, who never knows if her letters will r distributively Celie, writes religiously to her, and their communication is eventually granted to them. This success is an example of the wish in human struggle, providing courage and strength for readers who do not yet feel able to communicate fully with others.During the novel several characters find their vowel systems and their own expression Shug recovers from her illness and continues singing, Mary Agnes starts singing and writing songs, Celie and Sofia start off by making quilts, and Celie eventually runs her own business making pants. Starting small, each enterprise is an example of courage and hard work that concedes off in the end. Hope for the next generation The novel anticipates a brighter day for the black community and for black women in particular. Of all the black families, Samuel and Corrines is the most secure and loving.Celi es children find their way into the bosom of that family and are protected by it. Their education, with do from Aunt Nettie, allows them to get hold of at an early age the sort of life they would like to live. Knowing that she does not want to be a subservient wife, Olivia (like Nettie before her) works hard to ensure that she can be independent without a man controlling her life. Within Celies family, we can already see mixed bag in her children, which opens up endless possibilities for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.The white missionary Doris Baines withal instills us with hope. Educating her so-called wives in England ensures that another family will be looked after and educated, equipped with the powers to challenge manlike dominance and racial prejudice. There is also change within the white communities at home. Eleanor Jane loves Sofia as she would a mother, despite her race and because of her care.When she has her son, Sofia comments that when he gets sr. he will be a problem for her, but we are not inclined to opine her. Sofia may think that this innocent, white, male baby will turn out like all the other white men she has dealt with, but Eleanor Jane demonstrates her hopewith her new perspective and with fresh, forward-oriented thinkingthat her son and the next generation will get along in many ways after the struggles of earlier generations. Female solidarity At the start of the novel, the young, black womanly is presented as about the most vulnerable person in society. Celie epitomizes this distaff she is abused and denied a voice by her (supposed) father and then by her husband.Along with the racial prejudice young, black women endure, they also track down to struggle against their black, male counterparts. Sofia always fought her brothers, and we see how she has to fight Harpo to assert her equality. Likewise, the Olinka tribe do not believe in educating their women, and although there are no reports of abuse against women by men in Netties letters, female subservience is unchallenged, and the debasing initiation ceremony continues without contestexcept from Nettie and her family.Under such conditions, if they want to change the status quo, these women must stick together against male oppression. In fact, the one time that Celie is too disturbed to sleep is when she betrays Sofia by telling Harpo to beat her the disloyalty to her fellow female is more(prenominal) than she can bear. Usually, however, there is a strong conjugation of support between one woman and another, and this bonding comes from a need to unbalance the male view of themselves that they have total authority over women in their society.The woman who manages to challenge this male dominance the most is Shug, who asserts her independence by living according to her own laws. It is unsurprising, given the circumstances, that Celie and Shug become involved romantically. Shug is a regent(postnominal) goddess who refuses to be brought down by men, ever vigilant to maintain the upper hand. Celie is a victim of male abuse who has closed herself off from the possibility of trusting men. When she comforts Harpo, who is crying on the porch, she feels nothing more than she would for a dog.Together, these females free each other Shug instilles Mary Agnes to sing, Alberts sister takes Celie shopping when no one else does, Sofias sisters look after her children while she is in jail, Nettie writes to Celie and looks after her children for thirty years, Doris Baines sends her wives to England for their education, Eleanor Jane cooks nourishing food for Henrietta, and Celie nurses Shug rearward to health and inspires her songwriting. More than all this, Shug and Celie loves each other with a very strong love born(p) from isolation, desire for something better, and acceptance of one another.By the end of the novel, these women are no longer powerless they have joined forces and are forging their own lives. Color Shug is often de scribed in colorful cost she is rouged in the photograph Celie first sees of her and twice wears seductive bright red dresses during the course of Celies records. She also gives Celie yellow fabric for her quilt. These bright, exuberant colors are full of energy. Contrastingly, the clothes Celie is able to choose from when she goes shopping with Kate are brown, maroon, or navy blue because Kate doesnt think Mr. ______ will want to pay for her preferred red or purple because they look too happy. When Mary Agnes first starts writing her own songs, they are songs about color they call me yellow/like yellow be my name. As she tries to find her identity apart from her skin color, Mary Agnes explores the shades of color that lie beneath her skin, in her personalityfinding these colors within gives her the voice to sing. When Shug and Celie discuss their idea of God, Shug explains that God is in everything and that God is the beauty in nature. Shug points specifically to the color purple (traditionally a color of royalty) and wonders how such a color could grow naturally. Purple seems archaic in nature.It as though the color itself were a manifestation of God. Transcendence and relationships By the end of the novel Celie has experienced love, started her own business, and learned to accept herself. She is a very different woman from the fourteen-year-old at the beginning. She becomes finisher to Mr. ______ through their shared love of Shug and then by their listening to and relating to one another. The lessons both Mr. ______ and Celie learn teach them about themselves, which in turn gives them the confidence to talk to one another without any preconceived ideas of the roles they each fit into.Friendship becomes a vehicle for people to change and grow out of their original selves. many a(prenominal) of the relationships are disturbed over the course of the novel but are later restored Sofia returns to her family and to Harpo, Shug returns from her fits with Germ aine, and Nettie arrives home with Celies children. In these cases, people grow and change separately before coming back together. Although they each travel their own journey and learn their own lessons, when the relationships are restored they are bonded by family and friendships that transcend the pain of the preceding(a) and the earlier roles that had caused tension.

Abstract Globalization Essay Example for Free

Abstract Globalization EssayAbstract Globalization is a term now circulating frequently in two popular media as well as formal academic disciplines. It has galore(postnominal) subject matters, virtually of which argon contest fitted, others simply descriptive. This work attempts to explore about implications of globalisation for the field of computer programme studies. This paper is an attempt to explore some of the symbols of nationality that argon embedded in, or associated with, our plan, and to kindle that these may present some fusss in terms of treasures and of equality. The work will explore the hegemonic family relationship exerted by agri destination through the political platform, relating this segmentationicularly to the ways in which a political program might be assessed. The particular curricular examination suggests that Afri after part-Ameri arse life and history are reflected in various conceptions of the curriculum. thereof the study will to a fault consider how practicable mount to t each(prenominal)ing cordial skills to Afri send word American students is inf recitationd throughout the curriculum. course of instruction Development IntroductionA vague presumption has come to pervade the publics intellect of education, namely that its content should somehow be apolitical and value-free. If values are non explicitly inter submit in the classroom then what is taught are simple facts unadulterated and value-neutral. Values, however, are non a classify category of the mind, tho arise, part and parcel, out of our total seeing of acceptedity, our worldview. It is this realization that three of our contributors bring to bear, each in a variant way, on the problems of the contemporary curriculum. throng B.Macdonald (1971) asserts The help of curriculum disciplinement includes plectron from the total culture and the creation of a pattern of encounter that will maximize the authenticity of the somatic and the pro bability of its universe internalized by learners. As a system of ideas and beliefs, it includes aspects of the cognitive world isolated by disciplines and/or subjects in terms of facts, information, customaryization, principles, laws, and the like. It likewise includes awareness of and facility in the use of expressive symbols much(prenominal) as art, music and language.Further, it includes systems of value orientation for action in the form of such things as modes of inquiry, imagineking new-fashioned fellowship, respecting the integrity and worth of individuals, being concerned for other wads, using pop procedures , and so aside (pp. 97-98). Macdonald takes issue with the attempt of all scholars to mimic science as the whole reli able-bodied path to truth. For him, restructuring the curriculum does non mean trying to integrate the disciplines as they now exist, but rather, seeking an altogether new worldview -what he calls a new anthropology. His point is that we d estiny to consider values, meaning, and purpose in the curriculum in coordinate to create a more adaptive and accurate vision of the world. A balance congenital be halted between local culture and global culture. Thanks to that balance, groups win be able to develop or reinforce local cultures, and at the same time will be able to communicate with the main global culture in a mutually reinforcing relationship. We moldiness of course s superlative as to what language to use to communicate throughout the global network. The problem is not very antithetic from what we do for instance in air traffic control.At a certain moment we essential accept that in order to communicate we must baffle a common global language. This does not negate local languages and cultures on the contrary. The fact that one speaks English does not prevent him/her from communicating in his/her native Italian, nor does it reduce his/her pride in Italian culture. By speaking English, he/she is able to comm unicate that culture to other cultures, and vice versa. The Global raising mentioned in the abstract might be mute as the universal education of humankind a worthy goal. But we first have to beseech what will we teach?There are too many facts to be taught, yet they are insufficient. We need instead to exercise our intelligence to grasp and teach what is best namely the promotion of our well-being. The heathen/ diachronic dimension, whereby students are stimulated to broaden their perspective on life, is already being addressed in some programs of curriculum reform. At my home institution, Temple University, for example, a two semester course entitled The Intellectual inheritance is required for all undergraduate students. This course introduces seminal texts and ideas from Western, African, and Asian traditional intellectual histories and cultures.Through simple works such as the Tao Te Ching, the Koran, and the Analects, the heritage of all humankind, students are able to en large their intellectual and historical vision, while becoming sensitized to the values of their own, often unexplored, roots. This suggests that curriculum must include voices, visions, and perspectives of people of color and other marginalized groups. Literature Review Henderson noted in her paper that conventional economic possibility is found more on the values of economic theorists and their wealthy sponsors than on actual observation of real economies (Davis 1988).Not only economics, but everything that is taught bears the stamp of someones values whether those of a legislator, a teacher, a textbook writer, or a group of academic theorists. Value-neutrality is one of the close to pervasive misconceptions of modern education. The curriculum is not unbiased, and students are not left to form their own opinions. Whatever is taught bears the imprint of the values implicit in smart set, and if by chance those values are part of the cause of a ordinations problems, then it beco mes necessary to address them openly and critically in the educational curriculum.This, of course, is the real meaning of academic freedom, something that the American public has yet to accept. The problem of what set of values, what sort of vision of humankind, we could put in place of or at least use to modify our present faulty vision is taken up by Charles Weihsun Fu in a brilliant analysis of the distinctions between two of the worlds dominant worldviews the Eastasian and the modern Western. Fu skillfully juxtaposes the Confucian and Judeo-Christian understandings, pointing out the companionable and political consequences of each, and e finickyly their inherent weaknesses.More specifically, he contrasts their respective bases in in the flesh(predicate) object lessonity and societal responsibility on the one hand and in law and contractual relationships on the other. Fu concludes with a aim for interweaving these two approaches which, if introduced into the Western curri culum, could serve simultaneously to correct our destructive tendencies toward monomania while softening our pretensions of moralistic superiority. His arguments seem to us to feed well into those of Johan Galtung, who discusses the path to global peace under the next theme.The process by which change is to be accomplished likewise is addressed by Frances Moore Lappe, as she critiques our political value system. Too often, Lappe argues, the curriculum teaches only superficial explanations for societys problems, relying upon the unexamined assumptions of single disciplines, which are often g consortd with the label of common sense. She calls for the existence of dialogue into the curriculum to force us to delve deeper into the underlying causes of problems, thus revealing their true complexity. much(prenominal) dialogue ultimately demands the critical self-evaluation of values and a sense of political engagement that she believes are essential for an active, informed, in truth de mocratic citizenry. If they are to achieve a productive dialogue rather than a polarizing debate, twain Western traditionalists and the multiculturalists must face some facts. The growing tot up of people of color in our society and schools constitutes a demographic imperative educators must hear and respond to.The 1999 Census indicated that one of every quadruple Americans is a person of color. By the turn of the century, one of every three will be of color. just about half of the nations students will be of color by 2020 (Council for Exceptional Children 2002). Although the school and university curriculums remain Western-oriented, this growing numeral of people of color will increasingly demand to share power in curriculum last making and in shaping a curriculum canon that reflects their experiences, histories, struggles, and victories. population of color, women, and other marginalized groups are demanding that their voices, visions, and perspectives be included in the cur riculum. They ask that the debt Western civilization owes to Africa, Asia, and indigenous America be acknowledged (Grossman 1998). The advocates of the Afro centric curriculum, in sometimes passionate language that reflects a dream long deferred, are merely inquire that the cultures of Africa and black people be legitimized in the curriculum and that the African contributions to European civilization be acknowledged.People of color and women are also demanding that the facts about their victimization be told, for truths sake, but also because they need to break off understand their conditions so that they and others can work to reform society. The significance of culture in curriculum implementation is supported by Michaels (1981) study of differences in news report styles used by African American children and their European-American teacher.In Michaels study, a European-American teacher did not make explicit the literate narrative style employed in school study and, thus, Afro-American children did not acquire a prerequisite skill for reading acquisition. floor styles are culturally acquired. The narrative style employed in school is based on the European-American culture and does not need to be made explicit to most members of that culture. Schools and the curriculum are often represent as culturally neutral and, because the practice of schooling has become traditional, it is difficult to identify the specific aspects of culture that are present.A more specific example of teachers response to students cultural or ethnic mount is found in a research study reported by Perry Gilmore (1985) in which African-American childrens devil to advanced literacy is denied on the basis of their level of acculturation rather than acquisition of prerequisite skills. Creators of the standard curriculum as members, of the society, function in multiple settings (e. g. , systems) and, as a result, are societalized by many agents. Attitudes about what children shoul d be taught and how they should be taught are shaped.Likewise, attitudes about accessible issues such as black market and ethnicity are also influenced heavily by multiple systems-giving messages, sometimes conflicting messages, about the importance of these factors. Branch (1993) suggested that the ethnicity and race of the teachers/educators and learners figure prominently in the learning equation. He posits that the attribution of characteristics to learners influences how they perform in the classroom, perhaps as much as their abilities.Frequently, teachers view African-American childrens academic performance as a function of their race and ethnicity and the children themselves may develop limiting self-perceptions as a consequence of their interactions within the ecosystem. For example, Fordham and Ogbu (1986) reported that some African-American high school students perceive academic excellence as an instance of acting White. Background It was not easy, even in the heyday of nineteenth-century nationalism, to define what was meant by national individuation.Nations were often based on some notion of unity, or of consanguinity, or of some shared culture, or appearance, or language. None of these seems to be either a necessary or a sufficient condition, however. The United States manages without consanguinity, for examplethough it currently seems to see language as a defining issue, as can be seen in the moral apprehension about the possibility of non-English speakers forming a majority. The pedagogic will seek to produce structures and curricula that are knowing to maintain national identity, particularly at moments when national authority might seem to be in question.Bernstein (1971) verbalized part of this when he wrote that how a society selects, classifies, distributes, transmits and evaluates the educational knowledge that it considers to be public reflects both the scattering of power and the principles of social control. If existing power s tructures and distribution are to be maintained, knowledge, and the particular kinds of knowledge that constitute cultural capital, must be selected and transmitted to particular groups.Such cultural capital must be identified, protected and valued over other cultural phenomena. Authorities need to assert their identity and control, and, in the context of the arguments presented in this paper, they need national and cultural symbols to do this, and they need control over the way in which they are transmitted. Some of the unhappy facts of our condition are being disseminated through the media, but in spite of this we still suffer from serious misunderstandings about the nature of global problems.While we have all been told that there are environmental, economic, and political crises the greenhouse effect, species extinction, the hole in the ozone layer, the Third World debt, the imbalance of political institutions and have been informed that there are some causative agents such a s nose candy dioxide emissions, deforestation, poverty, and a dearth of the catch sustainable development, we clearly do not comprehend. We misunderstand precisely because an jam on the facts alone constitutes that little bit of knowledge that is a dangerous thing.Western traditionalists and multiculturalists must take a shit that they are entering into debate from different power positions. Western traditionalists hold the balance of power, financial resources, and the top positions in the mass media, in schools, colleges and universities, government, and in the publishing industry (Duckworth 1996). Genuine discussion between the traditionalists and the multiculturalists can take place only when power is placed on the table, negotiated, and shared.However, multiculturalists must acknowledge that they do not want to eliminate Aristotle and Shakespeare, or Western civilization, from the school curriculum. To reject the West would be to reject all important(predicate) aspects of their own cultural heritages, experiences, and identities. The most important scholarly and literary works written by African-Americans, such as works by W. E. B. DuBois, Carter G. Woodson, and Zora Neale Hurston, are expressions of Western cultural experiences. African-American culture resulted from a blending of African cultural characteristics with those of African peoples in the United States (Wald 1996).Rather than excluding Western civilization from the curriculum, multiculturalists want a more truthful, complex, and diverse version of the West taught in the schools. They want the curriculum to describe the ways in which African, Asian, and indigenous American cultures have influenced and interacted with Western civilization (Combleth 1988). They also want schools to discuss not only the diversity and democratic ideals of Western civilization, but also its failures, tensions, dilemmas, and the struggles by various groups in Western societies to realize their dreams against gr eat odds.The inclusion of African-American literature (a) clearly reveals the conflicts and contradictions of class, race, and gender bias in a democratic society, (b) puts students in touch with their own bias and that of their peers, and (c) helps students learn to challenge bias in themselves, their peers, and the larger society, and in the literature they read. The teachers personal commitment allows to overcome aspects of the school culture and resistance and racial conflict among students to shoot a point of shared understanding and experience for students.The racial conflict clearly raises the issue of personal and group identity, however. Method Curriculum development is designed to reflect the course of study in schools. It is mean to present information to students in an organized manner through various instructional methods and strategies. Teachers must be cognizant of creative and innovative ways to individualize and maximize learning for pupils by providing practical learning activities. Designing curriculum involves two major methodologies (Grossman 1998). The first methodology is experimental instruction.Experimental instruction is designed to intrinsically motivate student interests inside and outside of the classroom. The second approach, systematic instruction, involves teacher/student interaction. The major purpose of systematic instruction is to develop a skill or concept and design materials and activities that alter students to achieve the selected objectives. Curriculum development in most school districts is concerned with developing academics in order to equip pupils to master the complex tasks presented by our society. This approach is valid for most pupils.However, due to poor social and interpersonal skills development of many minority and puppylike African-American students, social skill development may be necessary before academic skills can be mastered. It is world(a)ly agreed by most professionals in the field of educatio n that schools should be involved in educational activity social and interpersonal skills. For example, social skills education and interpersonal skills development are ideal ways to teach responsibility for self and others and for exploring the meaning of human interaction and relationships.A social skills curriculum can also help students understand (1) how to develop self-esteem along with their emotions and how their emotions affects others (2) how to develop positive social relationships (3) respect for others (4) respect for rules and regulations (5) ways to develop moral and character (6) ways to examine ones values (7) ways to make responsible choices (8) their potential and worth as human beings (9) How to develop a sense of responsibility toward others and ways of behaving appropriately in public places (10) the fictitious character and duty of responsible citizens and (11) how to develop effective communication skills.Curriculum strategies outlined in this text are desi gned to address the social skills and others as they relate specifically to African American students. Experimental, direct, and systematic curriculum methodologies were employed. The phenomenon of educating African-American students has been studied and investigated extensively, resulting in numerous educators advocating that these special students demonstrate inappropriate social skills/ behaviors inside as well as outside the classroom.Developing the appropriate social skills for successful interaction with peers and significant adults (teachers, parents) can be considered one of the most important accomplishments of childhood and early adolescence should be addressed as soon as possible. This is particularly true in the area of establishing and maintaining relations with peers and authority figures. Not only can social skills deficits have a banish impact on future interpersonal functioning, it may also affect current functioning, reducing the quality and quantity of the lear ning experiences to which students are exposed in their educational settings.Social skills have been defined as goal-oriented, rule-governed, situation-specific learned behaviors that parti-color according to social context. Social skills involving both observable and nonobservable cognitive and affective elements that help elicit positive or neutral responses and avoid prejudicial responses from others. As such, social behavior constitutes an intricate interfactional process. As a result, the behavior of school-age children influences and is influenced by that of their partners (e. g. , teachers, mentors, tutors, and peers) within the interaction. social club expects that when children reach various developmental stages, they will demonstrate greater foresight and more controlled behaviors. Society also expects that children will be capable, not only of meeting increased demands within learning tasks, but also more complex, subtle social situations. Failure to meet these expectat ions may increase their sense of social alienation and helplessness. The curriculum presented here is designed to enable African American students to become socially contributing members of society by meeting expected standards.Strategies have been developed to assist educators in providing these students appropriate social skills discipline to enable them to operate successfully in the schools and society. Intervention techniques have been selected based upon research techniques to assist childlike Black students in controlling aggression, assuming responsibility, and becoming productive members of the group. The author highly endorses that proactive approach be employed when training social skills to African-American students.Since proactive instruction provides children with social intervention before negative behaviors occur, this approach is preferable to excited teaching. Whereas proactive instruction teaches social skills before social rejection is experienced, reactive i nstruction waits for the individual to fail and then applies intervention strategies. Many African-American students have problems developing appropriate social skills due to the problems outlined throughout the text.Proactive instruction will prevent many of the negative consequences of inappropriate social skills, as well as improve the self-image of young African-American males. Recommended strategies for proactive instruction may assist the boys in 1. dealing positively with accusations 2. accepting the feelings of others in a nonthreatening manner 3. respecting the feelings of others 4. avoiding fights and conflicts 5. dealing effectively with teasing 6. giving praise or compliments to others 7. accepting compliments from others 8. apologizing for inappropriate behavior9. expressing anger in a positive way 10. showing affection and appreciation toward others 11. practicing self-control These instructional activities may be expanded or modified as needed. As indicated, African- American students must be taught appropriate social skills if they are going to be contributing members of society. The social skills outlined here should be infused throughout the curriculum and integrated as needed by the teacher. These strategies are seen as immediate, useful sources for teaching pro-social skills to African-American students.Additionally, the curriculum is based upon in-depth research and years of teaching and observing the social skills development of African-American students. Results The initial step in developing a social skills curriculum is to identify those general social behaviors that are critical to successful social functioning. These general social behaviors are then rewritten as general objectives, which provide the framework for constructing other components of the curriculum. The second stage is to sequence specific objectives as they relate to the general objectives.All specific objectives are designed to achieve the general objectives. Specific objectives are stated in behavioral and measurable terms. The third step is to identify activities and resources that can achieve the stated objectives. Activities should be functional and reflect real life experiences that African-American students are exposed to. As much as possible, parents should be involved in reinforcing the social skills taught. Parents may be used as resource individuals and may conjure suggestions relative to material and activities.The fourth step is to include cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity into the curriculum. This approach affords young African-American males the opportunity to appreciate and understand their own self-worth and sense of importance and belonging as well as identify Blacks and other minorities who have made significant contributions in several fields. An additional benefit is that the young Black males can identify and associate with appropriate role models. A curriculum that does not high spot the contributions of Blacks and mi norities gives an inaccurate and distorted view of the many significant contributions made by them.Multicultural activities and strategies enrich the curriculum by showing differences in cultural styles, patterns, and interests of diverse groups. Conclusions and Recommendations A social skills curriculum should be based upon those social skills needed to function successfully in ones society. Much of the research reviewed indicates that a significant number of y African American students have not mastered the social skills needed to function successfully in our society.A functional approach involves exposing the learner to real-life situations, concepts, and activities such as self-identity, acquiring self-concept, achieving socially gratifying behavior, bonding, respecting the rights of others, maintaining good interpersonal skills, achieving independence, employing problem-solving skills, taking turns, and communicating appropriately with others. It is language the exquisite use of symbols that makes us truly human, and I would like to see a core curriculum in which students study the origins of language not just parts of speech (Frisby 1993).I would also like to see students consider how symbol systems vary from one culture to another, how language can be shared, and perhaps all students should become familiar with a language other than their own, so they can step outside their own language skin to understand better the nature of communication. And surely a course of study on the centrality of language would include mathematics, which is a universal symbol system. All human beings respond to the aesthetic. This condition is found in all cultures on the planet, and students, in the new core curriculum, should study the universal language we call art.When Picasso confronts the unspeakable agonies of war, the dismembered child, the scream of a bereft mother, the shattered home, and puts them on a huge canvas called Guernica, he makes a universal program l ine about destruction that can be felt in the heart of every human being (Spears-Bunton 1990). I am suggesting that for the most intimate, most profound, most moving experiences, we need subtle symbols, and students should learn how different cultures express themselves through the universal language of the arts. Bibliography Bankee N. C. Obiakor F. E. (1992). Educating the Black male Renewed imperatives for Black and white communities. scholarly person and Educator The Journal of the Society of Educators and Scholars, 15, 216-31. Bernstein, B. (1971). On the Classification and Framing of Educational Knowledge, in Young, M. F. D. 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